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Ever Wondered Why iPhone’s 1GB of Memory Outperform Android devices with 2-3 GB Memory?

Glyn Williams from Quora gives us one of the best explanations as to why iPhones running on 1GB worth of memory outperform Android devices running up to 3x that memory.  “Servicing RAM uses power. So more memory = more power consumption. … Continue reading

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Apple Posts Official Page On How To Move From Android to iPhone

Want to switch from Android to iPhone but worried about how cumbersome moving all your data would be? Fear not! Apple has released an official easy to use guide on how to make the switch! So even Android users can … Continue reading

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BBM App For iPhone Officially Released

The Blackberry app for iOS and Android has officially released! Head over here to read about it and download it 😀

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BlackBerry-Android Poll Results

So the poll has closed and here are the results. I guess for now, I’ll be setting up a page dedicated to android users. In the near future, I will put blackberry up against windows phone and see what happens … Continue reading

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RIM will probably bring BlackBerry Messenger to iPhone and Android

Before the release of iPhone by Apple in the Smartphone world, Major market shares were linked with the Rim’s most popular BlackBerry. But Since Apple has released iPhone or Google’s Android OS came in existence RIM’s market share declined very … Continue reading

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Test Out Windows Phone on Your Own iPhone or Android Device

Microsoft has created a way for iOS and Android users to test out Windows Phone from their own device. All you have to do is navigate to http://aka.ms/wpdemo in your browser and you’ll get an interactive introduction to Windows Phone 7.5. We … Continue reading

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Siri Ported On Android, Mac, iPhone 4, iPad 2!

You read it right, folks! You’ll be able to soon to run Siri on any device you just wish. Applidium, a French engineering firm, has managed to crack Siri’s security protocol that made Siri limited to the iPhone 4S. In other words, … Continue reading

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