How To Enable Android-Like Autocorrect Keyboard Hidden In iOS 5 (No Jailbreak Required)

We’ve already seen the panoramic camera mode hidden in iOS 5 and now something interesting discovered by Sonny Dickson. A new feature found in iOS 5 allows you to enable android-like autocorrect keyboard. The method doesn’t require jailbreak and it’s similar to the one of the panorama camera mode.

You’ll need to do a backup for your date via iTunes. Just connect your device into your computer, open iTunes and right click on the iPhone icon then hit backup. Now let’s do it.

STEP 1: Get iBackupBot which can be found here.

STEP 2: Locate your backup from iBackupBot and then find Library/Preferences/

STEP 3: Open the file and add the below code:


STEP 4: Save the file and close iBackupBot.

STEP 5: Finally, open iTunes and right click on the icon then hit Restore from Backup and select the backup you edited.

NOTE: For jailbreakers, you can use SSH method better as it won’t need you to restore from backup. You know how to do it!

The iPhone will reboot (and you’ll of course need tethered boot if its jailbroken). You’ll be able to use the awesome autocorrect feature.

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