The Lazy SSL Fix

For those of you who are running an iOS version earlier than iOS 7.0.6, you should update right now (my recommendation) or at least install Ryan Petrich’s SSLPatch…

In case of you don’t want to update your iOS device to version 7.0.6, you should install SSLPatch, this awesome new Cydia tweak that patches the iOS SSL vulnerability.


SSLPatch jailbreak tweak will fix the SSL connection verification issue, but it’s not the best nor a perfect fix. Restoring the device then updating to iOS 7.0.6 is the best choice. However, you can install SSLPatch right now for free from Cydia, until you update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and jailbreak your iOS 7.0.6.

How To Install SSLPatch To Protect iOS 7

tap on the Manage tab
tap on the Sources button
tap on the Edit button
tap on the Add button
enter the following URL and then tap Add Source:

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