OSX Also Plagued With Same SSL/TLS Bug As iOS

MAC USERS, DON’T USE SAFARI FOR THE TIME BEING!!! The SSL/TLS bug discovered in iOS versions prior to 7.0.6 also affects OSX except the iOS bug has been patched but no patch exists for OSX.

What this bug does is present an extremely easy/exploitable vulnerability for a man in the middle attack, which means that your mac cannot correctly authenticate SSL/TLS connections which means that malicious servers/users could pose as non-malicious servers/users and compromise your sensitive data (financial transactions, credentials, etc…)

While this bug affects all apps on OSX that use SSL/TLS at least not using Safari, which is susceptible to this bug, and using Firefox/Chrome, at least until Apple pushes a fix for this, will improve your odds or not compromising your data.

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