Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband 04.11.08 Using SAM!!!!!!!

A Chinese hacker Loktar_Sun, who discovered vulnerability in ICCID was able to unlock iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S using SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module). The method posted by him successfully unlocks iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S on all basebands. Those who have been waiting for 04.11.08 iPhone 4 unlock, this is certainly good news.


  • Jailbroken iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, or iPhone 3GS that can be activated in iTunes (that is, not officially blacklisted) on iOS 5.0 and above.
  • The latest iTunes software installed on your computer with internet connected.
  • You must know the carrier that your iPhone is locked to.

The method to unlock iPhone is a bit cumbersome for rookies, but SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module) developer Sam Bingner has confirmed to release a SAM update that would make the process much simpler and easier to follow.


Step 1: Install Sam Bingner’s SAM package from repo.bingner.com.

Step 2: Enter SAM by either going through the settings menu or find the SAMPrefs icon on your springboard. You will need to have the SIM card you intend to use in your iPhone.

Step 3: Navigate to utilities and select “De-Activate iPhone”, your ActivationState under “More Information” should now be “Unactivated”

Step 4: With SAM enabled, choose “By Country and Carrier” in “Method”; find your carrier, for some carriers operating more than one Carrier ID you may need to select “SIM ID”. Chose wisely and if you pick the incorrect the method will won’t work.

Step 5: Navigate to “More Information”, copy or write down the IMSI in “SAM Details”, then tap “Spoof Real SIM to SAM”.

Step 6: Navigate back to the main SAM screen and change your “Method” to manual. Paste or enter the IMSI string we saved in Step 5.

Step 7: Connect your iPhone to your computer and allow iTunes to activate it, double click “Phone Number” parameter at the main device screen and make sure that the ICCID matches that of your SIM card. If not you need to start over from Step 1.

Step 8: Unplug your iPhone and close the iTunes.

Step 9: Disable SAM.

Step 10: Connect your phone to iTunes again; you should get an error saying that your iPhone cannot be activated. This is normal. Just close iTunes and open it again.

Step 11: You should see signal bars in a short time, congratulations.

Step 12: Push notifications may stop working after this procedure but can be easily restored by “clear push” utility in SAM followed by connecting to iTunes.

unocked 4.11.08 baseband

Your iPhone 4 on baseband 04.11.08 has now been unlocked successfully. We are receiving reports from multiple users who were able to unlock their iPhone running baseband 02.10.04, 04.10.01, 04.12.01, 1.0.13, 1.0.14, and 1.0.11.

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2 Responses to Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband 04.11.08 Using SAM!!!!!!!

  1. Luke2fish Luo says:



    • kanaanmeister says:

      Unfortunately apple closed the loophole in their activation servers that allowed this unlock to work, and if you havent saves your activation ticket with redsnow you wont be able to use this unlock 😦


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