Awesome Siri Tweaks!!

For all you iPhone 4S users who are enjoying your new jailbroken iphone, here’s some more good news!

Many Siri tweaks are now found on Cydia and we’re going to tell you about the ones that caught our attention the most 😀

First of all, to be able to install these tweaks, you must have a jailbroken 4S, If you dont, follow our guide here to jailbreak it. Just download the file for your OS, plug your iPhone in and follow the onscreen instructions!

Once that is done, open cydia and search for the following Siri Tweaks:

OpenSiri: With OpenSiri, you can now ask Siri to open ANY APPLICATION ON YOUR IPHONE! It is found in the BigBoss repo which comes bundled with Cydia so no need to add a source.

Siri Mic Colors: Changes the default color of Siri’s mic according to the sound level!! To get this Siri tweak, follow these steps:

Step 1: open cydia

Step 2: go to manage -> sources

Step 3: in the upper right corner, tap edit, then tap add and add the following repo: then tap ok

Step 4: wait while cydia verifies this repo and adds it.

Step 5: once cydia is done refreshing, search for Siri Mic Colors and download it!

SiriToggles: SiriToggles allows you to ask Siri to switch on/off Wi-Fi, 3G, check battery percentage, adjust screen brightness. It is also found in the BigBoss repo, so just search for it and you should locate it!

VoiceUtils: VoiceUtils adds 4 new commands to Siri: reboot, restart springboard, power off, and enter safe mode.

And finally, probably the best Siri tweak we were able to find is Hands-Free Control.

Hands-Free Control provides a continuous listening service on your device to activate voice functions even while in sleep mode. When you speak the keyword “Siri” (you set a custom keyword as well), Siri will be automatically activated without pressing the home button or any other button!!

To get this tweak you have to add another repo. Follow the steps above on adding repos to cydia however this time add this repo:

When cydia finishes refreshing, search for Hands-Free Control, and you should be able to find!

Happy Jailbreaking!! More Siri tweaks coming soon!

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