Public Spire Siri Proxies

Many days ago, chpwn, the well-known figure in the jailbreaking community, launched the first legal port for Siri called Spire. The download of Spire from Cydia would download approximately 100 megabytes of data from Apple, and would give the entire Siri components into your iDevice, including the GUI and frameworks.

One problem though- it required a Siri proxy/gateway to communicate with Apple servers, which without it, would make Spire useless. Luckily, there have been some people nice enough to lend out their Siri proxy servers for the public.

NOTE that many/all of these servers may be off line due to the high traffic of people wanting access to Siri…do not expect them to work right off the bat.

Enter these proxies into the Spire settings in the Settings app to connect:


If you Google search for Siri proxies, you WILL run into scams and fakes- many will ask for donations or payments. Though some servers MAYBE legit, it is simply not worth paying up and risking fraud. Also note that the proxies by which you enter into Spire can receive much of your personal data, including your texts, emails, reminders, your location, etc. BE SMART.

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