iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak News : Over 10 Million Crash Reports Received From Supporters Of Jailbreak

Promising news for iOS 5 / 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak. Joshua Hill who is also known as p0sixninja and is the front man for the Chronic Dev Team has reported a landmark of crash reports that have been received by his team. The Chronic Dev Team recently launched a new app that tends to collect the iOS crash reports in iTunes and then sends them to their private servers in order for them to find exploits in the future iOS 5 untethered jailbreak.

In about a week, the team has collected over 10 million crash reports from jailbreak supporters from around the world. The Chronic Dev Team is working to parse the cash reports data that they have received to create a stable and untethered jailbreak for Apple’s iOS 5.

In one of his most recent tweets, Joshua Hill has announced that 10,071,868 crash reports have been uploaded to the servers the Chronic Dev Team are using, since the tool for collecting the data was releases last Sunday.

Google’s MapReduce software is being used by the team to compute the large amount of crash report data that is being sent in by jail breakers from around the world. This software, according to Joshua Hill allows his team to run tests in seconds rather than days, if done by normal methods.

The iOS 5, the iPhone 4S and iPad2 still don’t have an ETA on an official untethered jailbreak. But the submitted number of crash reports is a kind of a testament that tells about how committed the jailbreak community is in making Chronic Dev Crash jailbreak into a reality. Important iOS 5 exploits have already been found but according to Joshua they are under a strong guard until the right time presents itself to show these exploits.

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