Apple to feature LTE technology in iPhone 5 and iPad 3

Rumors have it that the upcoming devices, the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 are going to feature the new wave of wireless connectivity: LTE. According to a report Apple’s CEO met with executives of Japanese Wireless Carrier named as NTT DoCoMo to talk about the release date of the devices.

The 4G LTE technology is the latest standard in mobile network technology. It offers the fastest data speeds available, so you’ll be able to work and play faster than ever before. This technology will surely improve the speed and durability in signal loss terms. This technology creates a platform for innovative applications. The technology enables the users:

  • To browse the web without waiting for the pages to load
  • Play multiplayer gamers with better response and no time lag
  • Post photos and videos at a faster rate
  • Have video chats with better picture quality and no time wait

This is a great news for all the consumers who were disappointed by the lack of LTE support in the iPhone 4S. Several Android based phones featured the technology at the time of the iPhone 4S release. The smartphones which support the LTE have proven to have poor battery life and a bulky design. It is yet to be seen how Apple deals with this issue.

Apple bypassed the LTE technology, waiting for the next year to add LTE capabilities to its upcoming devices because the evolving technology will make it cheaper and easier to incorporate LTE chips in the devices without compromising the premium slick design of the iPhone. This seems to be a very smooth move by Apple. Moreover LTE networks like Verizon and AT&T will be at the height of LTE roll out in the coming year.

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