Reasons Behind Motorola’s Restriction Against Apple In Germany

It is a true phrase that “As you sow so shall you reap”. The real life example of this phrase has been given by the Apple. Every one knows how Apple tried to ban Samsung over the matter of patents. Apple has humiliated Samsung on these matters but still it didn’t have the last laugh. It is famous all over the world that all these multinational corporations try to sue each other only to get ahead of the competition. Some of them succeed while some fail.

It is recent news that on Friday 4th of November 2011, Apple, the same company who tried to ban Samsung on the matter of patents, was sued by Motorola on the same matter. Motorola won the primarily injunction against Apple at Germany.

In the court, the conclusion didn’t mention any Apple products by name, but said that the Apple can’t offer any mobile devices that violate on two Motorola patents related to wireless technology, that makes the iPhone and iPad the most likely to be affected. The court also says that if Apple did not respect this judgement, then it may have to pay a €250,000 on court’s decision.

The only reason why Apple got in this situation was because its representatives never show up in the court and didn’t care about its judgment. So in the end, Apple was not worried about this case as they have already won many cases of patents around the world.

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