Apple Secretly Seeding iOS 5.0.1 To End Users Fixing The Battery Life Issue

Releasing the software update earlier to the developers to test out applications and improvements in battery life and Siri, the new update iOS 5.0.1, is now being seeded to selected customers of the iOS for testing. Some customers who have complained about the battery issue are now being seeded a software update of iOS 5.0.1 through the Apple’s AppleSeed Program.

Apple has also warned the people taking part in the program of the situation not being able to downgrade to the previous iOS 5. However they will be able to upgrade to the final version which is expected to release in few weeks.

In addition to the new update being secretly tested; the Apple Retail Stores have received a memo on how to deal with the battery life issue. For now the employees at stores are advised not to replace any phone and to tell the customers on waiting for a few more days until software update is available. So if you are facing such issues. Just Wait!

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