IntelliScreenX: Best Jailbreak App Yet!

This is definitely something new. The popular developers team behind MyWi and My3G have now came up with something that will amaze you all. Introducing IntelliScreenX for iOS 5!

What IntelliScreenX does is that it tweaks iOS 5 notification center to get a better & more amazing notification center. No, it’s not a jailbreak widget that can be added to your notification center. It’s a whole new notification center.

IntelliScreenX includes a lot of features and functions that it can do. First of, it brings your notification center into the lockscreen, yes, you will be able to launch iOS 5 notification center ahead from your lockscreen. You can even read full emails, send and reply to tweets, and more.

It can do more and here’s proof:

A beta version of IntelliScreenX will be available at the end of this week and we may get a one for review. Final version for public will be available next week so stay tuned!

IntelliScreenX is how Apple should have made iOS 5 notification center from the beginning. That’s why we’ll always need to jailbreak our iOS devices.

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