iPad 2 Jailbreak Update

Dear all iPad 2 users, please be very aware of the fact that recently there have been many claims of available jailbreaks for the iPad 2. These claims are malicious viruses and snippets of code that will actually harm your device instead of jailbreak it.

Do not fall for any such tricks and always remember that jailbreaks and unlocks are always free of charge, any site trying to sell you software that provides these services are just trying to rip you off.

In any case, we have received word that jailbreakme.com is being updated to support jailbreaking the iPad 2, however this will only be for iOS 4.3.3, so any users happy with there iOS 5b1 are recommended to roll back to 4.3.3 in order to jailbreak their device. Moreover, c0mex, the hacker behind the userland jailbreak (jailbreakme.com), tweeted that he has reduced the time it takes to jailbreak devices using jailbreakme.com

For more news about the upcoming jailbreak for iPad 2, stay tuned!

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