Say Goodbye to Drunk Texting

In Ke$ha’s Take It Off, “Got my drunk text on, I’ll regret it in the morn…” reminds us all of that one time we’ve texted something to someone while we drunk and regretted it. Fortunately for you, you can now say goodbye to drunk texting!

A new app has just released in cydia called TUI Checkpoint, This app will do the following : if you are going to write a message then the app will stop you if you were drunk through a series of “clarity of evidence” so you can’t write a message that contains ugly words to a nice person.

If you are going to write a message the app will make three tests to be sure if you are drunk or not, and if you were unable to complete them correctly the app will give you error, finally you can buy TUI Checkpoint from Cydia via BigBoss repo for $2.99, but don’t worry, soon (like in a couple of days), you’ll be able to get this app for free from the xsellize repo.

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2 Responses to Say Goodbye to Drunk Texting

  1. James says:

    Looks pretty useful!


  2. na2alet 3a AT&T? 😛


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