SBsettings – Toggle options on/off in record time

Tired of having to go through a series of steps just to toggle wifi and other settings on or off on your iPhone? Well, here’s the solutions: SBSettings

SBsettings is a horrible looking menu that allows you to toggle certain features on or off with just one swipe (Horrible, that is, until you install a theme. I’ll get to that later)

To get SBsettings, follow these steps:

Step 1: Add this source to Cydia (in case its not added)

Step 2: After the sources refresh, search for SBsettings and install it.

Step 3: After you respring your device, swipe your finger across the time in the status bar. You will notice that SBsettings has a horrible built in theme. To fix this, open cydia again and search for Apple congruency. This is a theme for SBsettings.

Step 4: After you download this theme, swipe your finger again to activate SBsettings and click on the button More. This will exit SBsettings and open a window. Click on SBsettings Theme and select Apple congruency. Now press the home button and wait for 5 sec. Your device will respring. Once it resprings, you will notice that theme you just applied transformed SBsettings into a menu similar to the notifications that come built in with iOS.

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