Celeste – iPhone Bluetooth Solution

Remember back in 2007, when the first iPhone appeared? What was the first thing that immediately came to mind once you finished reading the spec list? “Damn… doesn’t support media transfer via bluetooth”.

Well, those days are over. ‘Celeste’ brings apple quality bluetooth sharing to your iPhone, a service that arrived a little too late but thankfully did.

To get Celeste, just follow these steps:

Steps 1: Add http://sinfuliphonerepo.com/ to cydia.

Step 2: After the sources refresh, search the sinful iphone repo source for celeste and download it.

That’s it! Celeste integrates itself into iOS. It also integrates itself into SBsettings quite nicely, with a toggle that must be used to switch the service on or off.

Just a little note, Celeste currently only works on iOS 4.2.1, it is not supported by any iOS lower than that, and is broken on iOS 4.3 and above. The team behind Celeste is working on this and trying to push out a fix as soon as possible.

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