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iPad 2 Running iOS 5.1: JAILBROKEN! ;)

The hacker Stefan Esser, aka i0nic, has succeeded in creating a successful jailbreak of iOS  5.1 on the iPad 2 and has just released some photos showing jailbroken iPad 2 running iOS 5.1 through his twitter account. This is an … Continue reading

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Bad News: Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4S Might Stop Siri :S

Just a quick heads up for iPhone 4S users who’re waiting eagerly for the iPhone 4S jailbreak which is supposed to be released very soon. According to the iPhone hacker Stefan Esser, better know as i0n1c, Apple’s voice assistant Siri stopped … Continue reading

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Untethered 4.3.5 by i0nic?

After Apple pushed iOS 5, the Chronic Dev team and iPhone Dev team said that they will be shifting their efforts towards finding an untethered solution for iOS 5 instead of iOS 4.3.4 or 4.3.5. In a shocking move today … Continue reading

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iOS 4.3.4 permanently kills untethered jailbreak

For those of you still wondering, an untethered jailbreak means that you can reboot your iDevice without having to plug it into a pc or a mac to rerun a jailbreaking program. Few months ago, the iPhone hacker i0n1c has … Continue reading

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Apple Pushes iOS 4.3.2

A few hours ago, Apple pushes iOS 4.3.2 for supported devices on its servers. Here’s some good news regarding the newly released iOS 4.3.2. In the beginning you have to know that Apple developers had finished from developing iOS 4.3.2 … Continue reading

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