Oh Samsung… 😂 #GapGate

So Samsung just published this new ad taking a shot at Apple.

But Samsung, poor, poor Samsung, before you go mocking Apple, you might want to get your act together first.



The release of Samsung’s latest phablet — the Galaxy Note 4 — in South Korea, which was brought forward by a couple of weeks, has already been marred by reports of poor build quality of the device. 

According to many Korean buyers, there is a very noticeable gap between the Note 4’s display and the casing. The gap is so wide that you can insert a credit card, business cards, two A4 size papers and more into it without any issues. While not a deal breaking issue at first glance, these gaps are perfect for dust to settle in over long periods of usage or worse — for water droplets to seep in and damage the device.

According to the source of the news, Samsung is already aware of the issue, though it is not yet known as to what the company will do to fix the issue.

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