Don’t Install Facebook 6.7.1!!!

iOS customers are reporting massive issues with the Facebook application for iPhone and iPad, following a bug-fix release that was supposed to alleviate some woes.

People who thought Facebook 6.7 was bad just learned the hard way that the 6.7.1 update is even worse.

“I just tried to update 6.7.1 on my iphone 4 and it froze? I tried to shut phone off and on and still no luck. Can I delete it and download facebook again? Will I loose my contacts?” writes one frustrated customer.

Another Softpedia reader says, “The 6.7.1 update made the problem more worse to most users. It is suppose to bug fix the problem of 6.7 version from crashing, but instead it made facebook app not usable for many because it can’t be downloaded.”

Reader Logan Snow seems to confirm that the issue is widespread: “It’s a terrible update it says its a ” bug fix ” oh dear it just crashes Facebook & freezes on the update,” he writes.

Finally, user Mik says “Couldnt download facebook app. What is the problem?”

Unfortunately we can’t answer Mik’s question, or anyone else’s for that matter, regarding the issues with Facebook 6.7.1. All we know right now is that it’s a bad Apple and that it should be avoided.

The 6.7.1 update apparently causes the Facebook iOS client to become completely unusable, making the previous version – buggy as it may be – seem like a good place to camp out until the Social Network releases a fix.

Similar comments to the ones cited above keep trickling in, meaning the problem is affecting numerous customers.

It would help if commenters mentioned their iOS version and iDevice model in the comments, to try and assess which users are the most affected.

We encourage you to try and help Facebook contain these bugs by providing some technical information on your end.

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