This Doesn’t Come As Much Of A Surprise

Only two days after Apple’s iPhone event where it unveiled the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5S with a 64-bit A7 chip, Samsung’s co-CEO, Shin Jong-kyun announced that the company was working hard to make its own 64-bit processor to rival the iPhone 5s.

Samsung Announces Plans To Copy The iPhone's 64-Bit Processor

Shin implied at a weekly meeting with chief executives of Samsung’s key affiliates that upcoming Samsung Galaxy-branded smartphones will be more powerful and faster by confirming that they would have 64-bit processing capability.

He also said that 64-bit smartphones won’t hit the market “in the shortest time. But yes, our next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality.”

Just because Apple beat everyone to the punch, it was already known that 64-bit chips would be coming within the next couple of years, with or without Apple. It was definitely an expected move by Apple though and it is obvious it has left Samsung scrambling to catch up.

Your move Samsung.

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