People of Leb

peopleoflebEver been sitting around with a group of friends discussing something and realized you wished you knew more, or who, is being discussed?

Ever have that nagging feeling in the back of your head that you have heard a name before but can’t remember where or who that person is?

Well, your troubles are over! At least if you’re in Lebanon 😛

People of Leb is an app developed for the iOS environment that contains many useful statistics and information in general on pretty much most of the “People of Lebanon”.

This is is quite useful is looking up facts about important people in Lebanon’s history. You’ll find presidents, deputies, ministers, even doctors, engineers, and lawyers. There are quite a few more categories! Moreover, with the upcoming elections and all, there is a feature in thsi app that allows users to check demographics of Lebanon alongside statistics classified by age, religion, and geography. You can also find the biggest families and most used names!

While this might sound mundane, it most certainly answers the many little questions that arise daily that might be tedious to manually look them up online or ask people about. With this app, all you have to do is fire it up and click on the category you wish to learn more about!

People of Leb also includes a section which displays Lebanon’s people on twitter! You can find out who they are and follow them.

This is quite a useful app if you want an easy and quick way to learn more about people in Lebanon. Here are some screenshots of the features in this app:

photo 1          photo 2

Here you can see a list for presidents and miss Lebanon.

Hopefully, the developers will release an update soon that will optimize this app for iPhone 5 display, but in the meantime, download it and check it out on iTunes!

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