LIVE: Apple 2012 WWDC Keynote

Here we go đŸ˜€ (remember to refresh the page every couple of minutes!)

“Hello and welcome to WWDC. I’m Siri, your virtual assistant and today I was asked to warm up the crowd, which should be easy since the high will be 75 degrees.”

“How many developers does it take to change a lightbulb? None, that’s a hardware problem.”

“Hey, any of you guys been working with ICS or Jelly Bean. Who’s working up these codenames? Ben & Jerry?”

“Seriously, I am excited about the new Samsung. Not the phone, the refrigerator.”

“Now I want to say something straight from the CPU. iPad, can you slow it down a bit?”

“Thanks for being such a wonderful crowd. Have a great WWDC. And remember: you guys rock.”

“We have a great week planned for you, and some really cool stuff to show you this morning. This is our 23rd WWDC. Yes, it’s older than many of you are.”

“It’s the longest-running developer conference that we’re aware of anywhere.”

Attendees from over 60 countries and 112 sessions with 125 labs planned for the week.

“You can take in your code, get some help tuning it, and get just about any question you might have answered.”

Over 1000 Apple engineers. “We closed Apple for the week!”

“I’d like to get started this morning by giving you just a few updates on the App Store… the most vibrant app ecosystem on the planet.”

“The size and momentum are just phenomenal. We now have over 400 million accounts on the App Store.”

That’s all accounts with credit cards and one-click buying. “This is the store with the largest number of accounts with credit cards anywhere on the internet that we’re aware of.”

There are now 650,000 apps on the App Store, 225,000 of them are iPad-specifically designed. “This compares to just a few hundred for our competition.

“I’m very pleased to announce a new milestone for the app store. Customers have now downlated an astounding 30 billion apps!” (Haha he really said downloated, but meant downlaoded :P)

Over 5 billion has been paid to developers! “It’s becoming an economy in and of itself.”

32 new countries are coming to the App Store, 155 total!

Sadly, still no North Korea. Sorry, folks

“For Apple, and I suspect many of you, our goal has always been to do great work, and in doing so, make a difference in other peoples’ lives.”

“Nothing makes us happier than seeing hundreds of thousands of developers around the world using our hardware and our software to create and share their latest and greatest ideas.”

“There are such heartwarming stories out there of what the combination of our incredible devices and your amazing apps have made in peoples lives.”

It’s time for a video to highlight some of these!

It’s dark, we’re hearing birds chirping and footsteps in a forest.

A man in a plaid shirt is walking through the woods. “I live next to this huge and wonderful forest but I couldn’t walk in this forest because I couldn’t find my way.”

He’s blind and his iPhone is helping him to find his way. “A real, blind adventure.”

The developer is talking about the app, helping blind people to explore the world. “I didn’t even think about choosing another platform. With my app they can have information about their position.”

“It’s great! People write me from around the world and tell me ‘You have changed my life.”

Now we’re in a classroom with a bunch of happy kids in Mumbai.

They’re projecting the human body onto a sheet. Teaching anatomy using an iPad.

“It’s made it fun to learn about our own body and skeleton.”

It’s 3D Anatomy on the iPad. “This is the power of really amazing apps.”

Now we’re talking to the developers again. “We originally started off as a medical stock image company, but when the iPad came out… we were also change to do beautiful learning.”

“With the processing power we can push the boundaries of what can be done with the technology.

We’re back in the US, looking at an amazing treehouse in Lincoln, Vermont.

We’re hearing about Airbnb. “We don’t think about it as a business, we think about it as making new friends.”

Again, chatting with the developers. “All these existing spaces existed before us, but we’ve given them a place to come together.”

“Apple makes it so easy for designers like us, for engineers like us to stretch our imagination.

You can probably get the message here: hardcore developer evangelism. And that makes perfect sense. This is, after all, a developer conference.

Now we’re listening to a girl with a speech impediment, using the iPad to communicate and interact with her family.

“Kids don’t realize they’re working on developing skills. It’s a tool for me, a toy for her” said her mother.

Now the developer again. “The obvious choice was to develop for iOS.”

“Apps have the biggest impact on humanity right now. It feels fantastic that people can find so much happiness for apps.”

Now we’re circling back… the forest, India, Vermont…

They’re all saying “thanks” for the opportunities afforded to them.

Big applause as the video comes to a close and Tim Cook comes back on stage.

“It’s a great reminder of what it’s all about, and why we do what what we do.”

Tim is thanking all the developers here for all the “incredible apps.” Big applause!

“Now, we love giving you a platform and a store to realize your dreams, and the teams at Apple have been hard at work to deliver new innovations so that you can take your dreams even further.”

“Today we’re announcing exciting new changes in our notebook lineup…”

Yes, new hardware confirmed!

He’s also promising updates to OS X and iOS as well.

And now it’s time for Phil Schiller!

“Good morning everyone, I hope you’re having fun. I am.”

“Today, we get to talk to you about the MacBook lineup.”

“It is by far the best in the industry. The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro each stand out in their respective area.”

“Let’s start with the MacBook Air…”

“It is a breakthrough, and everyone is trying to copy it. But, they find it’s not so easy.”

“It has really changed the consumer notebook market.” You can’t argue with that.

Okay, Air gets Ivy Bridge processors, up to 2GHz dual-core i7, up to 8GB of 1600MHz memory and “60% faster graphics”

Now 512GB of flash storage!

“That’s half a terabyte of flash storage.” Yes, yes it is

500MBps read speed, upwards of 2x faster than the current model!

USB 3.0 is confirmed!

Phil is showing other laptops with blue and black ports to show which is 3.0 and which is 2.0.

On the Air, two USB ports, both are USB 3.0. No worries about where you plug it.

720p FaceTime HD camera.

Still talking 1366 x 768 displays on the 11-inch model.

Pricing is $999 and goes up to $1099 if you want the faster chip.

1440 x 900 on the 13-inch. Again, $100 cheaper than the current mode.

“And best of all, starts shipping today.”

“We also have a really nice update to the MacBook Pro. It is the quintessential professional notebook.”

Again, Ivy Bridge chips, up to 2.7GHz quad-core i7’s. Turbo boost to 3.7GHz.

8GB of 1600MHz memory and, again, 60% faster integrated graphics.

The 15-inch does indeed have Kepler GeForce GT 650M, up to 1GB of memory. That, too, is 60% faster than the old 15-inch model’s discrete.

Again, all USB 3.0. 13-inch and 15-inch size. No 17-incher?

13-inch starts at $1199, up to 1499 if you do the dual-core i7.

15-inch is $1799 and $2199 for the fast model.

Still talking 7-hours of battery life here.

“Also shipping today”

“So across the board, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro all upgraded today.”

And yes, they still have optical drives…

“Nobody turns over their entire line as quickly as Apple.”

“So what’s next?”

Oohhh, we’re seeing a new model on the screen.

“You know, with the MacBook Air the engineering team did something really bold… they re-invisioned the consumer notebook.

He’s talking about discarding “legacy” technologies — optical drives and Ethernet ports, for example

“So we’ve been asking the team to think about: what would make a next-generation MacBook pro.”

“Want to know the answer?”

“We want the next-generation Pro to have a killer new Display… ”

Radically thin and light, bold and brave… “and willing to discard the old legacy things…”

“So would you like to see the next-generation MacBook Pro?”

And there it is! “The next-generation MacBook Pro is the most beautiful computer we’ve ever made… There’s never been a notebook that is this gorgeous.”

We’re rotating. It’s deliciously thin

Not tapered like the Air, but very, very thin. Looks like roughly 2x the height of a USB port

“It’s thinner than my finger” says Phil. Phil, let it be known, does not have chubby fingers.

“Now don’t worry we’re going to tell you all about it in just a minute. We just have to enjoy for a second just how incredible this is.”

0.71-inches thin. It’s 1/4 thinner than the current Pro. It’s very nearly as thin as an Air!

Weighs 4.46 poinds. The lightest Pro ever.

“Yes, it is a retina display.” Big, big applause

“To use it is absolutely stunning.” 15.4-inch display with a pixel density of 2880 x 1800. “That four times the number of pixels than the previous generation of MacBook Pro display.” That’s 220 ppi. 5,184,000 pixels.

This is the world’s highest-resolution notebook display!

He’s also tauting higher contrast ratios, better viewing angles, and reduced glare.

All the stock apps have been updated to use this resolution. “Reading your mail is like reading fine print.”

“Surfing the web can be like experiencing magazine-like quality.”

“It’s gorgeous.”

Aperture has been updated as well. “If you love working with photos, not only has the UI been updated, but you’re now looking at four times the resolution.”

Final Cut pro updated too. The upper-right corner of the screen is 100% 1080p video. Pixel-perfect with plenty of room for a full timeline and library!

“Now, applications do have to be updated to take advantage of this Retina display.” Those that have not been can be pixel-doubled, but they’ll look a bit jank.

Phil’s listing off some third-parties that are cooking up some updates. Adobe’s working in a new Photoshop. Autodesk has a new AutoCAD on the way, too.

Phil’s pacing back and forth as he lists all these off, and smiling as he points to Diablo III, also updated.

“You are going to see a gaming experience unlike any you’ve seen before.”

“Inside is just as amazing as that display.”

He’s showing the bottom, saying it’s” prettier than the top of anyone else’s new computer.”

We’re seeing the inside, dominated by a massive amount of battery packs.

He’s saying there’s “breakthrough work in asymmetric batteries” to make this work.

Up to 2.7GHz quad-core Core i7s. And yes, up to 16GB of RAM!

Kepler GT 650M graphics.

768GB of internal flash storage! “That’s three quarters of a terabyte.” Phil again with the math lesson.

“How’s the battery life? We’re really proud that we’re getting up to seven hours of battery life, with up to 30 days of standby time.

Okay, on the right we have SD, HDMI and USB 3.0. On the left, MagSafe 2, Thunderbolt, USB 3 and a headphone jack.

MagSafe has now been made even thinner!

He’s showing a Promise RAID drive running over Thunderbolt

And the Black Magic 5K camera that can connect over Thunderbolt as well, as shown at NAB.

And, there’s a FireWire 800 and Gigabit Ethernet Thunderbolt adapters.

There’s a glass trackpad, backlit keyboard, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, FaceTime HD, dual microphones with beam forming for a “new generation” of voice apps. And, stereo speakers. “This is going to sound absolutely beautiful.”

“We love this so much we couldn’t help ourselves. We made a video.”

“It’s incredibly powerful and yet remarkably powerful. It’s without doubt the very best computer that we’ve ever built.”

“It’s the highest resolution display we’ve ever put in a notebook… this display has over five million pixels. That’s three million more than an HDTV.”

“Loading and working with your content is amazingly fast.” We’re getting a rundown of the 2X Thunderbolts, USBs and HDMI ports.

The unibody is now an actual component of the display, not just a case. This reduces the number of layers and integrates the glass right into the frame, making it thinner.

We’re told the fan will be “nearly imperceptible” to the user. That we will believe when we hear it — or, rather, when we don’t.

There’s an asymmetric fan that’s said to be radically more quiet, which got a big round of applause.

Craig Federighi is talking about the apps. “Aperture on the new MacBook Pro is a total gamer changer.”

“Photographers have never been able to work on their images with this level of precision.”

Final Cut Pro can manage up to nine streams of video simultaneously. “No other notebook comes close to this kind of performance.”

They’re calling this “The very best computer for today, and for the future.”

$2199 is the starting price with a 2.3GHz quad-core chip, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of flash storage.

He’s showing an environmental checklist too. Energy Star 5.2, Arsenic-free, and all recyclable.

“The new, next-generation MacBook Pro with Retina display. It is the future and, best of all, it is going to start shipping today.”

Craig is now up on stage talking about OS X.

“The Mac has been doing great. We have 66 million Mac users now, triple what we had just five years ago.

26 million copies of Lion shipped to date. “Our best selling release ever.”

It took 27 months for Windows 7 to get to this level.

Now we’re talking Mountain Lion. “Lion makes it more natural than ever to work with the other new devices in our lives.”

Over 200 new features. We’re going to look at “just eight” today.

iCloud is the first. 125 million iCloud users registered.

“All of your content is up to date across all of your devices. And, with Mountain Lion, we introduced three new apps optimized for iCloud.

He’s talking Messages, Reminders and Notes. Document-based apps coming too, of course, with Documents in the Cloud.

Document libraries are available and updated across all your devices. It’s now in all of their “key” applications, like Pages, Numbers and Keynote plus Preview and TextEdit

And, yes, there’s an SDK so that devs can jump onboard too.

We’re going to get a demo on one of those MacBook Pros that we spotted earlier.

We’ve just launched the new Reminders app, which of course is iCloud-enabled. Using gestures you can page through reminders and, for the first time, you can get location-based reminders.

“I think the really huge one here is Messages.”

“Now, if you’re sitting here using your Mac and your phone buzzes with a new message, you can just respond on your Mac.”

“And that’s iMessage.”

Now we’re looking at Documents in the Cloud more closely.

A Pages demo, now, making changes on a document from his Phone, but we’re watching the Mac.

The Mac was updated automatically about 5 seconds later. Not bad!

Now notifications. “Sometimes when you’re using a Mac it can have something it needs to tell you.” He said that those notifications can be sometimes… disruptive.

Now notifications of course slide in and, with two fingers, you can gesture your way back to the list

Alerts come in but stay there until you dismiss them.

“Next up: dictation. We’re bringing dictation to the Mac.”

Applause! People like to talk!

“You can talk into Facebook if you want, and even third-party applications, like Microsoft Word.” That got a few chuckles.

No proper Siri — at least not yet.

You can tweet from Safari now and use other sharing options. It’s built into the OS, which you’d know if you read our detailed preview from a few months back.

He just shared a page on Twitter with a little comment and, with a whistle, the tweet was sent.

You can then swipe between your tabs and, with a pinch, you’re into that tab.

There’s multi-touch zooming but, if you zoom all the way out you pop into the tab view

We’ve just browsed to a National Geographic page, and we’re seeing a “new scrolling” system that is “smooth and lightning fast.” It’s also, we understand, “really awesome.”

Demo time again, we’re seeing Tab View.

Yes, from any device. Nice trick, no manual pushing required.

“You just click it and you pick up your browsing right where you left off.”

It’s iCloud Tabs and you’ll see all the pages on all devices!

It’ll pull in from your browsing history and bookmarks, too. And yes, all that’s synced across all your devices.

It’s “the fastest on the planet” now. He’s showing a unified search field. People clapping for this. People who like Chrome, apparently.

We’re seeing the Notification Center now to see a response to a message he sent earlier.

Twitter DMs or mentions will pop up as notifications as well, so you can see what your peeps are saying.

He just showed off the new voice dictation feature. “Having a great time” and away it went!

Okay, a new feature called Power Nap…

“We all love using our Macs, but wouldn’t it be great if when we weren’t using them they were still working for us?”

Your mac will now update itself and sync itself when it’s offline. When it’s charging it’ll backup itself!

It won’t spin up your fans, “goes easy on your battery” and is compatible with 2nd Gen Airs and the new MacBook Pro. Seemingly not the other MacBooks, though…

Now we’re seeing AirPlay Mirroring. “The easiest way” to get your content up on a display. Pixel-for-pixel 1080p pushed wirelessly to your TV

“We also support sending audio to AirPlay-enabled stereo systems and speakers.”

“That’ll be really nice.” Indeed it will. No more leaving your laptop up by the TV with a too-short HDMI cable.

GameCenter is coming to the Mac as well, the same platform as on your mobile device, of course.

Multiplayer supported Mac-to-Mac and cross-device as well. Yes, you can play from your Mac against someone on an iPhone or iPad and, yes, any of them can push that over AirPlay.

We’re seeing AirPlay now. He selected an AirPlay icon in the upper-right and, with just a click, the video was pushed to an AppleTV.

We’re doing everything over AirPlay and he signed into GameCenter. His handle? “Hair Force One.” “Like I chose that, right?

This game was originally intended for the iOS but the devs found that porting was easy enough they’d release it for the Mac as well.

Focusing on some features added for China. “We have some wonderful features we think are going to make it even more popular there.

New input methods, new dictionaries, eight new fonts, support for Baidu and other Chinese social networks.

Including Youku and Tudou.

“Get your apps ready for China.”

So Mountain Lion is coming next month. Not shipping with the new laptops!

“It’ll be just $19.99!”

That’s $10 cheaper than Lion and you can pay $19.99 to upgrade anything all the way back to Snow Leopard.

One purchase, upgrade all your macs.

Aha, if you buy a new Mac today the upgrade will be free.

Developers will get a “near-final” build today to play with.

Okay, time for Scott Forstall to give an update on iOS.

“Let’s talk about iOS!” Yes, please. Lots of folks wanting to know about iOS 6.

365 million iOS devices sold through March. 80 percent of their customers are on iOS 5.

He’s comparing that to Android. 4.0 was released at roughly the same time as iOS 5 and, sadly, seven percent of Android customers have that.

84 of top 100 social apps are pushing notifications. 1.5 trillion push notifications sent already!

140 million iMessage users, 150 billion messages sent and they’re now sending more than a billion messages each day.

Twitter has seen a 3x growth increase in iOS users since then. 10 billion tweets from iOS 5 and 47 percent of all photos on Twitter come from iOS 5.

GameCenter: 130 million accounts, 5 billion scores and 67 of the top 100 games have some level of integration. “All of this results in some very, very satisfied customers.”

More than 75 percent of customers are “very satisfied.” Less than 50 percent for Android.

“Every single year since the original iPhone we come out with a new OS… and this year is no exception.”

“I’m very happy to announce iOS 6.”

“It has more than 200 new features, starting with some significant advancements to Siri.”

“Siri’s only been out for eight months and already does so much for you.” He’s listing off all the features, and there are a good number.

“In these eight months Siri has been studying up.” Let’s see what she can do. Demo time.

We’re seeing iOS 6 on an iPhone. Siri has learned “all about sports”

There’s a new Maps icon on the screen!

He just asked for a Giants score and she gave him the results of the game.

“What is Buster Posey’s batting average.” She came back with .290!

Siri can list the standings for Baseball games, and she knows Basketball too. “Who is taller, Lebron James or Kobe?”

She comes back with “Lebron James appears to be slightly taller.”

“When is the San Francisco 49ers first game of the season?”

Siri comes back with September 9th, 2012 at 1:15pm. The schedule is just there. “It’s just awesome” says Scott. People seem less than enthused.

Okay, moving on. “Find a great place for dinner.” She came back with a list of restaurants, now with a lot more information. Average price, rating, choose one and you get a full list of information and even Yelp reviews

Apple has formed a partnership with Yelp. Tap and it’ll launch the Yelp app, or tap and you can get to OpenTable to make a reservation.

“So, Siri knows a lot about restaurants now. Next up, Siri has become a bit of a movie buff.

“What movies are playing at the Metreon?”

“I found eight movies at the Metreon” with a full listing. He tapped on Avengers and there’s Rotten Tomatoes integration here.

With a tap you can even see the trailer.

This is somewhat reminiscent of the integration that Microsoft brought to Windows Phone Mango, seamlessly going from app-to-app. Implementation is quite different, but the concept is the same.

“Show me movies starring Scarlett Johansson.”

She brought back a list, including Avengers and older ones, too.

“Let me show you one more thing Siri has learned, and that is how to launch apps.”

Finally, a little applause up in here.

“Play Temple Run.” And, bam, the app is launched. “It’s just like that.”

Okay, we got a pic of the new Maps icon. Coming shortly.

“You can ask for football scores and basketball, both pro and college.” Baseball, soccer, movies, launch apps, dinner reservations…

“And theres this thing we’re calling Eyes Free.”

“Hands-free allows you to keep your hands on the steering wheel while you’re using your phone. We want to integrate Siri even better in the car.”

Yes, a button on the steering wheel!

We have BMW, GM, Mercedes, Land rvoer, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler and Honda integrated with a button right on the steering wheel!

All promising support in the next 12 months.

English and French coming for Canada. “Eh,” says Scott. Some happy Quebecois in the room.

Spanish, Italian, French, German and Korean coming. Mandarin for Taiwan, Cantonese for Hong Kong, and both Mandarin and Cantonese for mainland China.

Big, warm applause there. Remember, 60 countries here folks.

“We’re now taking local search, which was US-only in iOS 5, around the world.”

“We’re taking Siri beyond the iPhone 4S and we’re bringing it to the new iPad.”

Yes, the NEW iPad, not the old ones.

Okay, moving on to Facebook integration. “We have been working very closely with Facebook to create the best Facebook integration ever in a mobile device.”

Just like Twitter, sign in once and those credentials will be shared.

You can post pics from Photos, sites from Safari, locations from Maps…

You name it, you can clutter up your friends’ feeds with it.

You can talk to your phone of course to do it, and it’s a public API, so others can easily integrate with Facebook.

“But we didn’t stop there. We’ve also integrated it with the App Store, so now you can like apps and see which apps your friends like.” Can do that elsewhere in iTunes, too.

Contact syncing included as well! All the more reason to give Facebook more of your personally identifiable information.

And yes, all that integration for the Mac, too.

Okay, time to talk about the Phone app. “You’ve probably been in a meeting before where you can’t answer it right now, and you wish you could easily text them back a message or be reminded later…”

There’s a new control for an incoming call. Slide that up and you can get reminded later or send a message back.

There are easy buttons for easy things like “call me later” and you can also have smart reminders.

There’s one called “remind me when I leave” and, as soon as you leave your current location you’ll instantly get a message telling you to call them!

Another new feature. “Do not disturb.”

Any push notifications will be muted and the screen won’t light up. They’ll all be there, but they won’t disturb your beauty rest.

You can also screen your phone calls, ignoring all or just letting in a few people. You can also set it so that if someone calls you multiple times, regardless of who they are, they’ll get through.

Now it’s FaceTime. “FaceTime is the best way to have a video conference with someone, but there is one catch: it only works over WiFi.”

FaceTime over cellular! Big applaus, whistles, cheers, excitement.

You can provide a phone number and Apple ID, so you can answer that call on your iPad or even your Mac! Same goes for iMessages.

“Next up is Safari. Safari is the best and most popular web browser on the planet.”

“We are making it even better.”

He’s talking about the iCloud Tabs feature that we saw earlier, so that you can get to your desktop tabs from your phone.

Now there’s the Offline Reading List. Add anything to your Reading List and it’ll download and cache it.

You can upload photos quickly and easily to sites like Shutterfly and something called Smart App Banners.

“A lot of you have built great apps in the App Store, but you also have websites.”

The phone can now bring up a notification that an app exists and, tapping the banner shuttles you right to the App Store.

More eyes, more buys, more money for devs.

The browser can also push URLs to the app so that users can pick up where they left off.

And, if you go landscape, you get fullscreen support.

Now we’re talking Photo Stream.

“It is the best way to get all of your photos to all of your devices… and now with iOS 6 we’re adding shared photo streams.”

“It’s really simple: just choose the photos you’d like to share, choose the friends with whom you’d like to share them, and that’s it. You’re done.”

The friends get a push notification and will see an album. Folks can comment on those photos. These appear in iPhoto or Aperture or can be browsed on Windows and even in Apple TV.

Now, a new feature: VIPs.

Messages are highlighted on your lock screen, stars appear in the app and there’s a VIP mailbox that their messages go into directly.

There’s also an easy way to insert photos or video into the compose window and you can open password protected Office docs on iOS.

Finally, pull to refresh messages.

Time for a new app: Passbook. “Passbook is the simplest way to get all of your passes in one place.

“Passbook takes all of these passes and combines them together in one place, and integrates it right into the OS, and they are beautiful.

We’re looking at a Fandango ticket.

They pop right up on the lock screen! You get a notification, swipe and the QR code appears.

Moving on to Guided Access. “We’re really proud of how the accessibility community has been adopting iOS devices.”

“We want to make that experience even better.”

He’s talking about autistic children using the iPad. Using Guided Access parents can disable on-screen controls so that the child doesn’t accidentally exit the app.

Teachers can use single-app mode to keep students from exiting from a test app. Museums can keep apps locked into their display apps.

Maps time, now!

“In iOS 6, we have built an entire new mapping solution from the ground up, and it is beautiful.

We’re seeing NYC, San Francisco, Itally, New Zealand, Singapore…

“This is a world-wide effort.”

…Norway, Paris…

“Beautiful, beautiful maps. Now, part of Maps is local search… we have already ingested more than 100 million business listings”

Info cards are very well populated, there’s the Yelp integration in there too.

“We’re also building a traffic service.” It’s a simple presentation, with red bars showing traffic slowdowns and icons showing construction, accidents, etc.

More importantly, that traffic data comes from “anonymous, realtime” information from iOS users. Yes, Apple knows your speeding.

“We are also building in turn-by-turn navigation.

It’s official. We’re seeing the 3D presentation. Traffic is monitored in realtime, with the ETA updated dynamically. If you need to be re-routed, that’ll be offered as a pop-up notification.

That also works from your lock screen, so you can see the directions even when connected.

“And of course we’ve integrated it with Siri, so you can just ask Siri to take you somewhere, and you’re on your way.”

You can also ask things like “Where can I get gas” and it’ll find some along the way!

You can even say “Are we there yet?” and Siri will tell your kids to relax.

There’s also a 3D flyover view of cities, something so good we have to see a demo of it ourselves.

This is very, very similar to what Google announced at its own event last week.

Maps are vector-based, again like Google Maps. There’s quick rotating and zooming with gestures. Zoom in far enough and 3D pops up. There’s very, very quick tapping through info cards. It’s incredibly smooth.

You can lower the view and see the whole city in the background. Graphics look quite good. Audience is eating this up. We heard a few “wows” and “Google Maps is screwed” comments.

Now we’re seeing some turn-by-turn directions, we’re simulating driving to Coit Tower up on Telegraph Hill.

We get three options and, who else, it’s Siri giving you the directions.

We’re driving a simulated car on a simulated path to our simulated destination.

The presentation is clear, 3D, with translucent buildings showing the driving path behind.

Even the tight turn on Telegraph HIll Blvd. is replicated accurately.

Tap on “overview” and you see the whole route, which you can zoom and pan over.

It’s nothing different than Google Maps, but cleaner and, it seems, smoother. How smooth it is on an iPhone remains to be seen. Again, that was all on an iPad. But, knowing Apple, it’ll be slick.

Okay, demo over and Scott is running through a few other features.

There are challenges in Game Center, much like Achievements in Xbox Live.

They’re working on “Made for iPhone” hearing aids even, certified hearing assistance.

New signatures coming for personal vs. work email accounts.

There’s a “Lost Mode” for iOS devices. Send a phone number and it’ll show a notification on the screen. If anyone finds it they’ll tap, it’ll dial that number automatically.

And, all the Chinese-market features are coming to iOS 6 as well. Baidu, Todou, Youku, etc…

Scott is now running through all the new APIs for Pass Kit, Reminders, etc…

There’s in-app purchases as well.

“iOS 6 is a great release for all of our developers, and we’re giving out a beta release to all of our developers today.”

It ships this fall, supports 3GS and greater iPhones, 2nd generation iPads and newer, and the 4th generation iPod touch.

And Tim is back on stage! “Good stuff.” Seems like it’s time to wind this down.

“So what do you think?” Big applause!

“We’ve seen some incredible products this morning, let’s review.”

The MacBook Pro is “radical”

“It’s the most advanced Mac we have ever built.”

“OS X Mountain Lion, the ninth major release of the world’s best desktop operating system.”

“It’s the best OS X yet.”

“iOS 6 with 200 new features added to the world’s best mobile operating system.”

“Only Apple could make such amazing hardware, software and services. We are so proud of these products because they are perfect examples of what Apple does best. And, ultimately, it’s why people choose to come and work at Apple — and with Apple.”

“To do the very best work of their lives. To great great products that empower people to do great things. To make a difference in so many lives around the world. The products we make, combined with the apps you make, can fundamentally change the world.”

“And really, I can’t think of a better reason of getting up in the morning.”

“Thank you very much for coming and for joining us.”

And we’re through!

Thanks for keeping it locked to!

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