Tim Cook: Apple Is Working On New Product That Will “Blow Our Minds”

All Apple users now are looking forward to see Apple’s next generation which the rumors claims it will be an iPad 3 and other reports says it will be an iPhone 5, anyway we have got some interesting news for those people who are looking forward to knowing much more about Apple’s next generation device…

Yesterday Apple hosted its annual shareholder’s meeting Cupertino, California. This marked the first time that Tim Cook addressed the company’s board and its investors as Apple’s CEO. And the topics talked about  Apple’s record-breaking quarter last year, to its relationship with Facebook. Those who attended the affair described Cook as witty, knowledgeable, and passionate as he talked about Apple’s future…

“You can be assured we are working as hard as ever this year to deliver an incredible year and some products that will blow your mind.”

When Tim Cook said that his company is working on a new product that will “Blow Our Mind” it turned out all the whole world’s rumors and discussions, as this word has far more meaning. But right now let us go back with Apple’s last event where Tim Cook introduced iPhone 4S and Siri, did iPhone 4S “Blow Your Mind ?!” Well I know that everyone loved Siri, and what do you think about   the iPad 2 then? No. It was essentially the same thing as the original iPad, but thinner.

The fact that Tim Cook says that Apple has products coming out this year that will blow our minds has us salivating. Is he talking about the iPad 3? Is the next iPhone really going to be that awesome? Will we finally see the rumored Apple television?

Everything will appear in  due time, we will wait until we see what Tim Cook is cooking up very soon..

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