Sara: A New Siri Alternative For iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, 3G

Since the release of the iPhone 4S and its awesome intelligent voice assistant Siri, every older iPhone device owner has been trying to get Siri on his iPhone. As you know, developers have successfully managed to port Siri to older devices. However,it couldn’t be made public.

Siri Alternative For iPhone 4

A while after, Spire was released promising Siri port to older devices, iPhone 4, 3GS.iPod touch 4G,3G but it required a Siri proxy and iPhone 4S authentication keys which is not an easy task for many users.

A Vietnamese team has developed a new Siri more advanced alternative named “Sara”. In addition to the normal Siri capabilities like setting reminders making calls, Sara allows users to train it to accept commands.

Sara is described as having an “open” brain allowing developers to create plug-ins for special commands. If Sara proves success,it won`t be long before we see a lot of plugins released.

Another cool feature about Sara is that it works in a number of countries other than the US and it is available in 37 languages in only a month’s development.That is something that Siri lacks.

We are not sure if Sara can indeed beat the almighty Siri,but we will have to wait and see in a couple of month how it would turn out.

To get Sara, just add this repository to Cydia  and download the version supporting your device.

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