Siri for iPad 2 Anyone??

For all you iPad 2 owners who are wondering when Siri will be ported to iPad: Your wait has come to an end! Siri is coming to the iPad 2 courtesy of the A5 untethered jailbreak. Most of you already know that Siri works on the iPhone 4, so with some extra information, you can get it on the iPad 2 as well.

NOTE: A jailbroken iPad 2 is required on iOS 5.0.1. Jailbreak your iPad 2 by following out guide here. You can also follow this tutorial to get a SiriProxy.

STEP 1: Follow our tutorial carefully on Spire, and use it to install SiriProxy, guide posted here

STEP 2: Install Spire on your iPad 2.

Note: You are doing this at your own risk. Your iPad’s screen could look funky as this would make your iPad kick into “iPhone mode” as the size is for iPhone. However, a quick respring should fix this. But, you have been warned.

  • Now open Cydia to download and install iFile and navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/ After that press and open the K.plist file (K93AP.plist, K94AP.plist, etc) using the Property list Viewer.
  • Click capabilities, scroll down until you see the iPad. Restart your iPad but before that, switch it from On to Off and click Done.
  • Once back up, start Cydia and install Spire after which it will ask you to reboot again.
  • Once back up, head back into /System/Library/CoreServices/ with iFile. Once there, click and open K.plist file (K93AP.plist, K94AP.plist, etc) using the Property List Viewer.
  • Click capabilities, scroll down until an iPad is visible. Switch it from Off to On and press Done and exit iFile.

Step 3: Install Dropbox after downloading it, log in, and download ca.pen file placed there when you went through the initial Siri Proxy Tutorial. (Choose it, copy link, paste link in the Safari Browser). Now a Install Profile window should open where you choose install and tap Done.

STEP 4: Open iFile and navigate to /etc/. Click hosts and choose Text Viewer. Click Edit in the upper-left hand corner and enter the following line.

Click Save > Done.

STEP 5: Start the Settings app and go to General > Siri. Enable Siri.

STEP 6: Start the Settings app and under Extensions, choose Spire. Enter the following in the Proxy Host field:

STEP 7: Start iFile and navigate to /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/. Once there, click and open

Click on Accounts > Select your hex key (this will be a random alphanumeric value) and enter the following three fields utilizing the “+” sign in the bottom right-hand corner and press Done:

  • Ace Host
  • Assistant Identifier
  • Speech Identifier

STEP 8: Start Settings > Wi-Fi > and Choose the right blue arrow corresponding to the Wi-Fi connection. Change the DNS field to the IP address of your Siri Proxy Server. You can always follow our SiriProxy Tutorial for help.

STEP 9: Exit Settings, and by pressing and holding the Home button, run a Siri test. Just like on the iPhone 4, you should see it work.

STEP 10: Some cool plugins like SiriToggles work very well on the iPad 2.

Let us know what happens and stay tuned for more!

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