Turning off 3G in iPhone 4S coming back in iOS 5.1

Do you want turn off 3G on iPhone 4S? How to Disable 3G on iPhone 4S ? As most of you know that Disable / Enable 3G options is not existing on iPhone 4S running iOS 5. Enable / Disable 3G option was a good option in iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 as 2G saves battery life than 3G. This is good news for iPhone 4S owners.

1) Tap the “Settings” icon to launch Settings.
2) Click “General”
3) Click “Network”
4) Turn Off “3G”

Apple has just fixed this problem starting from iOS 5.1 beta 3. So far, this option still available for developers only as it appeared in iOS 5.1 beta 3.
iPhone 4S users will be able to use this option after the official release of iOS 5.1. Official release date – February-March 2012.

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