Chpwn Releases Zephyr, Brings Multitasking Gestures to iPhone and iPod Touch Thursday, 29th December 2011, 07:12 am

Chpwn has just released Zephyr, a new tweak that brings awesome multitasking gestures to the iPhone and iPod Touch. With just one finger, you can swipe up anywhere on the iPhone to bring up the multitasking switcher, or swipe left/right to switch to a different app.

Zephyr is multitasking gestures for iPhone and iPod touch. From swiping up to show the multitasking switcher or quickly swiping to a different app, Zephyr is all you need to quickly and easily control multitasking.

Zephyr is available in the Cydia Store for $2.99. (Probably soon on Xsellize repo for free)

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