iPhone 4S Facing Audio Issues

Apple’s iPhones, while being market leaders, constantly seem to be infested with one problem or the another. After users found a battery drain bug problem with the new 4S, another problem came to light with the beta version of iOS 5.0 firmware.

The firmware and the phone seem to have audio issues during calls that have not been resolved in the latest iOS 5.0.1. The audio is found to be sketchy and the calls seem to drop half- way through the conversations. The Apple forum threads have multiple complaints regarding these issues.

Many users complain that the headset starts giving out an annoying and crackly echo sound during calls which gets louder and more unbearable unless the headset is plugged out and then plugged in again. Call dropping is a more frequent problem with the new 4S as the calls seem to continue on the call timer while there is no audio to be heard.

We will keep you up- to- date and posted with the solutions to these problems as soon as Apple announces anything.

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