CONFIRMED: NO Siri For Older Devices From Apple

Unfortunately, Apple has just confirmed that they has no plans to bring Siri to older devices, Apple want to save this amazing feature for iPhone 4S users only. The news came from Apple in an email to developer Michael Steeber.

Hands Free Control

Michael Steeber, the founder of MSComputerVideos, contacted Apple asking about bringing Siri to older device but the answer was unexpected, since Siri working on iPhone 3GS as like iPhone 4S and also working on iPhone 4.

Here you are Apple’s reply:

Engineering has provided the following feedback regarding this issue:Siri only works on iPhone 4S and we currently have no plans to support older devices.

Well that’s currently,what will happen tomorrow we don’t know but hope to see Siri on older iDevices, stay turned for more.

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