Siri Causing Data Over Consumption?

One of the main new features of the new iPhone 4S is the new personal assistant, Siri.  Siri does almost everything, from sending emails and messages, to looking up and playing music, giving you directions and just plain chatting with you. Being so much fun, it would be awful if Siri caused you to go over on your data plan.


The reason Siri uses data is simple. It has to be connected to either 3G or WiFi in order to function.  3G and WiFi obviously use data, therefor anything using them will use data.  If Siri has to be connected at all times to function it’s conceivable that Siri could be using up your data package…or not.

Thankfully, according to a new report by ArsTechnica, this is highly improbable.  According to the numbers this source ran, even if you used your device 10-15 times per day you would only end up using 27.7 mb per month.  Thus, if you used Siri 60 times per day you would only be using, at most 100mb per month.  After the “newness” of Siri wears off and you stop asking it “Where should I hide a body?” I doubt you will use it over 60 times in a day, but you could with no problems.

So it looks like Siri comes away clean when it comes to data usage.  While it does use data, it certainly doesn’t use enough to cause any sort of fuss.  With minimal data usage, I suppose we can all continue asking Siri everything that comes to our minds.

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