UPDATE: iPhone 4S Battery Drain Issues

As of yesterday we were told that there were no major suspects in the case of the iPhone 4S battery drain. Today a possibly candidate is beginning to come forth. A bug in the Location Services, more specifically the “Setting Time Zone” option, is causing the iPhone to attempt to obtain your location at unnecessary times.

Location Services use many different aspects of the device, hence the reason for such battery drain from this bug. What should you do to temporarily fix the problem?

Navigate your iPhone 4S to Settings, Location Services, System Services, and simply switch off then”Setting Time Zone” option. Users have reported significant increases in battery life after doing so.

Obviously the downside to using this option as a fix for your battery draining issues is that your phone will no longer set it’s own time zone when you travel, at lest until Apple patches the bug. In this case, however, the increase in battery life you will gain by turning “Setting Time Zone” off is a trade worth making. You will simply have to adjust your time manually if necessary.

Apple has not given any official statements on the matter. Hopefully if this is the problem, we’ll be seeing a 5.1 firmware release soon to address this issue.

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