Beware Fake Untethered Jailbreak Tool Surfaces!

A few days ago, we heard a huge number about fake tools that appear at the internet, like the tool which called FastRa1n which said that it can jailbreak iOS 5, and that’s of course clearly wrong after MuscleNerd warned, so today International Business Times reported saying that a lot of people got scammed by some people and payed for them in order to get an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5…

International Business Times:

“A tethered jailbreak, dubbed Redsn0w 0.9.9, is released by Dev-team while an untethered version is out from named FastRa1n 0.5.
The first doubt strikes iOS 5 users when charges $24.99 for the untethered jailbreak. And the second one comes when they read a comment from a Dev-team confirming the untethered jailbreak a fake.”

Even though the tethered Redsn0w seems to be completely authentic as it is free for download and comes from the Dev-team which has been making programs to jailbreak iOS for time and time again, the credibility of FasRa 1n is in questions.

So I just want to tell all users who are reading this post not to follow any fake jailbreak sites, just follow the Dev-Team… Because you may also get scammed like other people. Let us know if you found any fake tools appear in the sites…

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