How To Fix iTunes Error 3200 While Updating To iOS 5

Yesterday was a big day right ? Because finally after a big waiting iOS 5 has released, but Apple users began facing an internal error while updating to iOS 5 which it is iTunes error 3200, thankfully we have got a new way to fix this error with just some easy steps after the jump:

STEP 1: First, Download iTunes 10.5, after that install it and run it for 10 minutes then close it…

STEP 2: After that navigate the following folder:

  • Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\”UserName”\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
  • Mac OS X: ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates

STEP 3: Now cut and paste the files there to a folder on your desktop. (WARNING: Don’t delete them, just cut and paste)

STEP 4: Now it’s time to put your device in the DFU mode, you can check the following guide posted HERE

STEP 5: Now simply open iTunes 10.5 and go with iOS 5 restore procedure.

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2 Responses to How To Fix iTunes Error 3200 While Updating To iOS 5

  1. Or just instead of updating your iPhone restore it?! It works. I did it


    • kanaanmeister says:

      Hey Ribal. This error is an internal error from within Apple servers. It is due to the fact that Apple servers are being bombarded with requests for verification of iOS 5 firmware. This is leading the servers to return this error when such an overload exists. So a restore or an update at that given time will result in error 3200. Moreover, most users are not willing to lose all the content (other than the stuff you can backup using iTunes), which is why I recommend using update instead of restore if your iphone is factory unlocked.


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