Your iPhone 4 case won’t fit your iPhone 4S

So, we didn’t get the redesigned iPhone 5 that we’d all hoped for, but Apple did give us a somewhat a redesigned iPhone 4S. While the two phones are almost indistinguishable, Apple claims they redesigned the antenna system and if you look closely at the supplied pictures on Apple’s website you can see the difference, subtle as it is, it will make a major impact on high end cases.

You would think this also impacts the Bumper case by Apple, but they claim otherwise, ”Important note: iPhone 4 Bumpers are compatible only with iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. They will not work with any other iPhone model.”

The main, yet subtle design change in the two phones is easily identified when the two phones are put side by side. In order for Apple to redesign the antenna system, small changes in the button configuration had to be made, the two volume buttons and the mute switch have been shifted a few millimetres as you can see in the images below.

This gives us evidence to believe that it is identical to the Verizon iPhone 4 although this has not been confirmed. If you are picking up a case for your new iPhone 4S be careful and put the above into consideration, the last thing you want is an expensive case that doesn’t fit!

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