Steve Jobs Watch iPhone 4S Event Live From His Home

CultOfMac has got some information from a reliable source saying that Steve Jobs was watching “Let’s Talk iPhone” event live just from his home. He watched everything there through a special private video stream was set up for him.

The source reported to the site: “At the end of the show, he smiled as if to say ‘All things are in good hands’ but did not utter a word.”

He was watching the event while “sitting on his favorite single soft leather sofa chair and having apple juices with rice pudding, as his favorite.”

You should be aware that Steve Jobs has died just a day after the iPhone 4S launch event. Apple’s executives knew that Steve Jobs was on his death bed while they were announcing the iPhone 4S. That was very difficult for Tim Cook and his team. You’re heroes.

We’ve also known that the next Apple’s products will be based on Steve Jobs’ vision and design since he has already made plans for next-4-years-products for Apple.

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