iPhone 5 Is Just A Couple Of Week Away

GOOD NEWS! According to China Telecom which reported that it will begun taking pre-orders in all over china by the end of this month (September). It is reported by the local sources of China that the second largest carrier of the land has already start advertising of Apple’s iPhone 5. China telecom have started training staff to accept orders for the phone at the end of September.

China Telecom which is the second biggest carrier of the state, and now bigger than Verizon Wireless and become the biggest CDMA carrier in the world, is predicted to sell more than a million next-generation iPhones by the end of 2011.

A local source has also reported that China Telecom has spent more than 1.5 billion yuan (around $234.5 million) in only marketing of iPhone 5 in country, the company has already give up a name to the iPhone 5 launch as “Dragon Plan” and start gearing up local carrier branches with handset arrival stuff just like posters.

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