Apple Didn’t Hire Comex For His Skills?

In case you haven’t heard yet,  popular jailbreak hacker, Comex (Nicholas Allegra), has been hired by Apple two weeks ago. Everyone thinks that the reason behind that is Comex’s great skills and what he can do for the company but it looks like there’s another reason behind Comex work for Apple.

Our friends over iDownloadBlog has been tipped off from an anonymous inside Apple that Comex was hired out of embarrassment. In other words, Apple hired Comex to stop him from finding more exploits as those he found before and so as not to embarrass them.

Here’s what the tipster says:

I hear we didn’t hire Comex for his skills, but to ensure that he won’t reveal embarrassing exploits anymore.

It’s highly a true reason as Comex was a great person for jailbreak community in finding jailbreak exploits. He first found an untethered jailbreak for iPad, known as Spirit. Followed by first iPhone 4 jailbreak, JailbreakMe 2.0 aka Star and finally the first iPad 2 jailbreak, JailbreakMe 3.0. You’re great, Comex!

So, in brief, Apple may be hiring the leaders of jailbreak community to prevent finding more exploits, or… to find these exploits for Apple so as to close these holes?

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  1. hahahaha mhabeel 😛


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