Apple Customer Accidentally Given Store Hard Drive Full Of Secrets

It seems Apple is spiraling out of control ever since Steve Jobs has resigned as Apple CEO.  An Apple store customer was given store’s hard drive containing internal company media and documents mistakenly after getting his computer repaired at one of the company’s outlets. The repair was made at an Apple store in Stamford, Conn.

CultOfMac posted some photos from an anonymous who says he was accidentally given the hard drive along with his Mac that was being repaired at the store.

The unnamed person told Cult of Mac:

“The drive contains confidential docs, internal manuals, Apple’s sales [techniques], an Apple store work checklist, products layout, time schedules, pictures and videos of Apple corporate activities that only Apple employees can see, videos of store meetings, business structure and much much much more.”

Yesterday, the iPhone 5 Prototype was lost in a bar and now Apple Store’s hard drive. Apple lost some confidential data over the last few days. Lets see what’s next!

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