Steve Jobs Looks Terrible :S

TMZ today published a photo of Apple’s ex-CEO Steve Jobs after his resignation which was two days ago. We are really doubtful about the legitimacy of this picture but TMZ is a very reliable source for getting pictures. If this is true, Steve Jobs is in bad shape, he is very ill, and even can’t stand by himself.

Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple, but decided to remain chairman of the board of directores, but it looks like work is the last thing concerning him and his family.

We shared the photo with our readers to ask you to remember Steve in your prayers and wish him a healthy return.

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1 Response to Steve Jobs Looks Terrible :S

  1. Rach says:

    it’s obviously an old lady w photoshopped shaklo!! walaw! a black dress and those handss?? def not him:) last i heard he was sick, not the kind of sick that turns u into an old lady


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