iPad 2 smart cover with a back

Apple’s smart cover for iPad 2 really is a revolutionary design, however, it fails at one thing: covering the back. While the screen of the iPad is properly dealt with, the backside is left exposed to mother nature. Griffin has recently released the IntelliCase for iPad 2, essentially a ‘smartcover’ with a back to protect both sides of your device.

The IntelliCase is a perfect marriage of protective polycarbonate, to guard the back of your iPad 2, and flexible thermoplastic polyurethane, to protect your Multi-Touch display. Strategically-placed magnets in the cover trigger sleep sensors located inside the iPad 2 automatically waking the device when the case is opened and putting to sleep when the case is closed.

“Consumers were eager for a case that protected the back of the iPad 2 but also took advantage of the interactive feature that the magnetic sensors enable,” said Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology. “The IntelliCase for iPad 2 offers users just that, protection for the back while incorporating a cover that automatically wakes your iPad when it’s opened.”

Not only does the flexible cover protect the screen of the iPad, it also can be folded in two positions. The upright workstand is great for watching videos and reading, or it can be laid down at a perfect incline that is conducive for typing.

You can buy the IntelliCase for $59.99 here.

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