iPad 2 Owners READ THIS!

To all Ipad 2 owners, please note that the jailbreak which is to be released by comex in the next coming hours is only compatible with firmware 4.3.3 so I advise you to update and wait for http://www.jailbreakme.com to come online again to jailbreak your iPad.

Here is the 4.3.3 link for iPad 2 Wi-fi.

Here is the 4.3.3 link for iPad 2 GSM.

Here is the 4.3.3 link for iPad 2 CDMA.

This is the official statement by C0mex, from his twitter account:

Jailbreakme.com was updated today with the sticky note that read ‘We’ll be back soon’. This was surely enough for everyone to believe that iPad 2 jailbreak is really coming soon. Here’s an other update regarding this. Just a while ago, Comex posted a tweet on his Twitter account that suggests iPad 2 users to upgrade to iOS 4.3.3 as he is in hurry to release the jailbreak.

Comex also said in an other tweet that he will add support for earlier version later in the future.
So just upgrade your iPad 2 to 4.3.3 right now.It’s just a matter of hours now that we will be having official jailbreak for iPad 2. Sit back, relax and keep an eye on our updates.
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